Makeblock mBot Kit- Arduino -Scratch 2.0 Robot Review

Makeblock mBot Kit

Getting children interested in science and technology can be hard but with the right products you can spark their curiosity. The Makeblock mBot robot is a great programmable robot kit that will inspire your children and even adults. If you are looking for robot kits for beginners, this is a wonderful option. The Makeblock mBot kit- Arduino Scratch 2.0 Robot has everything your child needs to get started. Unlike some kits, this robot:

  • Is easy to assemble
  • Has graphical programming (drag and drop)
  • Comes with pre-assemebled options
  • STEM toy (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

This is a perfect robot for kids ages 12 and up or children that have robot-building knowledge. With the Makeblock mBot your child can learn to program based on Arduino platform. The robot kit requirements include iOS 7 or above for Apple devices and Bluetooth of 4.0 or above and Android 2.3 and above with Bluetooth 2.0 for Android devices. You will use the downloadable app and your smartphone devices to control the robot. You can also use the online Scratch-based mBot software to control the robot with your computer.

The Makeblock mBot kit is a wonderful robot that children will enjoy. They can control the speed and direction of the robot, utilize it to play games, carry small things or grasp a better understanding on robotics.



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