Sphero SPRK+ Steam Educational Robot Review

Today we live in a world full of technology that simplifies and betters our lives. There are no limits as to how far technology can take us so we need creative minds. By introducing creative and educational robots to your children at a young age, it will:

  • Inspire them
  • Peek their interest in technology
  • Help them understand coding
  • Steer them into choosing a career in technology

These are some benefits of introducing robots and other educational robotic toys to your kids. You can start them off by purchasing robot toys for kids. These toys can usually move or talk and help your child learn works, math or fun facts. As they get older, you can provide them with the best educational robots such as the Sphero SPRK + Steam Educational Robot.

Sphero SPRK + Steam Educational Robot Features

  • Round and clear so that you see the functions and parts that move
  • Controlled by an app.
  • Changes color
  • Program to jump and roll
  • 60 minutes of fun on a single charge
  • Rechargeable
  • Block code and text language
  • Waterproof


The Sphero SPRK + Steam Educational Robot is a great educational robot toy that your children will love. This toy is perfect for any child that wants to learn about programing, coding and better understand how thing move/work. This is a great education toy that can be utilized in classrooms and at home. Since it’s waterproof and scratch resistance it can be utilized in outdoors and indoor areas. The Sphero SPRK + Steam Educational Robot is just one of the many wonderful educational robots that will help your child spark an interest in science, robotics and coding.


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